Monday, April 12, 2010

SV Moms Brand/Blogger Mixer: Chicago 2010

I have been lucky enough to write among some pretty awesome Mom's over on the Chicago Mom's Blog during the last few months. But something I have been really excited about was the SV Mom's Brand/Blogger Mixer that was mentioned shortly after I became a part of the SV Mom's Family.

Now, if you know me, I have grown to LOVE working with brands/company's. And I'm not talking about product reviews and giveaways solely, but also working with them to improve and revamp anything and everything they are working on or happen to encounter. I by no means am an expert, but I am a Mom, who has a pretty active lifestyle, and an even more active brain, that is always thinking up some idea or suggestion or helpful tip for just about anything.

So this Mixer, was certainly a place for me! I was excited! And the entire event did not disappoint one bit!

It started off with a round table discussion; bringing Brands and Bloggers together, to learn "how" to work together. Some key points brought up:

~ Expectations: What do we as bloggers expect from the brands and vice versa? We talked about how the bloggers (at least myself) wished brands would take the time to get to know us before pitching to us. There is seriously nothing worse than getting pitched something totally off the wall, that wouldn't even remotely pertain to that particular bloggers life. For example, don't send me an article of clothing for a 10 year old girl. I would never review it since my "test subjects" wouldn't be able to adequately use it. See what I am saying? Many of us have "About Me" pages with basic info. The point is, "Use It!". Brands were also mentioning how we need to make it MORE CLEAR what exactly we are about, and I TOTALLY get that. Not to mention, they want our contact info to be easily accessible.

~Brand Ambassador vs Brand Enthusiast; and is there a difference? You know, I never knew what the whole Ambassador deal was. But it was brought up how some people feel an Ambassador shouldn't be paid, because that kind of defeats the purpose of it all. But this is something I have been thinking of all day, and this is my take on the difference of the two. I think a Brand Ambassador can be paid or not paid, but is someone who believes in the product and knows anything and everything about it. But a Brand Enthusiast is someone who can also be paid or not paid (but is the one more likely of the two to maybe NOT be paid), but genuinely LOVE the product and would be willing to spread the joy of the product soley because the love it and not because they are getting paid to do so. I think honestly, I would be much more likely to believe an Enthusiast than an Ambassador. I really believe brands should be out there looking or REALLY monitoring their company emails, searching out people who would be a good fit to be an Enthusiast. I think an Ambassador may be meant to be more professional, than they are passionate.

We talked about SO MUCH MORE, but then we moved on to the "par-tay". Which really was more of a time for us to get some one on one face time with the brands. Seriously, I could name every company that was there, from memory, because it was THAT organized and orderly. Not to offend anyone, but here are some of my faves an why!

~Litl : Litl is an internet computer for the home and Jordan (Litl's Social Media Director) came up with a good discussion in the round table and I wanted to talk more with him about it. This time gave us the opportunity to throw around some ideas and suggestions, on both ends. Not to mention, the Litl computer is adorable and completely and totally functional, you MUST check it out! Oh, and did I mention, you can receive $100 off by going to You'll even get FREE shipping and a FREE remote!

~Ebay Classifieds : Well, I got a few moments to talk with Monica Friel, Founder of Chaos to Order who was there with Ebay Classifieds. I told her about my emotional attachment to the glider we used for our babies and how it just sits in our basement and I absolutely cannot get rid of it! She mentioned saving the cushion or remembering it through a photograph. She also cringed when I told her my way of organizing is to throw it in a box and toss it in the basement to "organize later". Yikes. I think I need Monica to come to my house and straighten me out don't you think?

~Schlage Inc : I will admit, I really wondered what kind of "relationship" a home security system and a mom blogger could create, but I found by talking to the Schlage people, there is a plethora of ideas shuffling in the brains of them and us, that could really work out.

And that's the beauty of it. I learned a ton that I knew nothing about, but I was really able to hold my own when it came down to discussing the key issues, and hey I was even able to slide in there some unique ideas of my very own. It was such a learning experience, on all ends this weekend. I REALLY hope to get a chance to attend events like these more often! Thanks SV Mom's for putting it together for us! You guys are the best!


LittleTechGirl said...

Great post! I also had a great time and it was wonderful to meet you!

You summary is awesome. I need to work on mine. Sigh. :)

MJ Tam said...

Gosh, I wish I had more chance to connect better. It was such a crazy day for me. Anyway, thank you for coming and loved reading your post.