Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Awesome is YOUR Dad?

It's easy as a kid to see how awesome your dad is, so why not tell the world about it and try your chance at winning a pretty cool contest? Mixbook is hosting a "Dad's Got Talent" photo contest in honor of all the awesome dad's out there! With a $1500 Best Buy gift card as the grand prize (and MANY other smaller prizes) there is no reason not to tout your dad's greatest talent. Is he a Master behind the grill? Is he a closet breakdancer? Is he a pro at mowing the lawn? Whatever he does that makes him special, Mixbook wants to know about it. Go to the Dad's Got Talent page and submit your photos. Then tell everyone you know to come back and vote for your picture! It's as easy as that. Contest ends June 17, so get to it! Photo with the most votes wins! Good luck!

*I am a judge for the Mixbook Dad's Got Talent photo contest. I am not being compensated in any way to promote this contest. I support the contest because I support the brand on my own accord. Thank you*

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