Wednesday, May 16, 2012

redefine and reignite

I only have a few short minutes here to write so forgive me for being out of sorts, but as most of you know I have been fairly non-existent in the blogosphere for a while now. Lots of things have contributed to my absence and I am going to leave that all for another post at another time (very soon though, I promise). But here I am, jumping back on the virtual horse and ready to give it a go again. I was given an amazing opportunity from Coca-Cola** and because of this opportunity I have been blessed enough to meet some very successful and inspiring people with some very memorable viewpoints. I have felt nothing short of sheer joy at the sparks I am feeling inside and re-defining and re-igniting of my passion for blogging today here in Atlanta with the Coca-Cola people and 20-some of my newest bloggy friends. I have felt goosebumps more times today than I can count and even shed a few tears while sharing some life stories with the group this morning. I have pictures and messages to share with all of you and hopefully the whole reason I started blogging and working on the internet will quickly wash over me and I will be back here, full-time, and with a vengeance. So stay tuned for more details on "Conversations with Coca-Cola", and everything I am learning. I can't wait to share these experiences with you.

**Coca-Cola paid for all hotel & travel expenses for me to attend the 3rd annual "Conversations with Coca-Cola" in Atlanta, Georgia. All views/thoughts expressed on my blog, as always, are my own and brought to you with complete honesty.**

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