Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Midwest Vacation

We aren't the most well-traveled family. We don't vacation much, and when we do it is only small vacations, or even the ever popular "stay-cation". We have gone on Disney World once with the kids, and it was the most amazing trip ever! We can't wait to go again! But the trips that are most relaxing and laid are the less hectic, more laid-back trips we have been on.

We have frequented Nashville, Indiana twice as a family. We rented a cabin and hung around the downtown area, perusing the shops and cute restaurants. We also went to Milwaukee where we went to the zoo and the children's museum. But summer time is coming and we are trying to plan another trip for the family.

We'd like to go someplace we haven't been before, but we would like to stay closer to home and be within driving distance. We obviously would like for it to be family friendly and laid-back, and of course reasonably priced.

So, I'm asking my Midwest readers, what sort of local-ish vacation spots do you recommend for out family (remember, our kiddos are only 3 and 5). Have you checked out the Branson vacation packages? What Wisconsin Dells or Saugatuk, Michigan? I'd love your feedback!

*This is a paid post sponsored by Discover Branson.

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