Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gardening with the Kids

I have been contemplating starting up a small garden with the kiddos. Our backyard is pretty bare right now, and a small garden and even one of those cute little wood sheds would really spruce it up. I was thinking it may be a bit too late to start a garden, so I did some research. I found tons of websites with valuable resources for a novice like myself. Here are some tips I found:

~It's easiest to start growing strawberries from plants instead of seeds {babble.com}

~A spot facing south is best for a garden {illinois.edu}

~Harvest the fruits and blossoms of your garden with wonder and love - and share them with family and friends. {organicgardening.com}

~Don't worry about neat and tidy. Children prefer the wild rambling garden where morning glories run amok, not perfect little rows and lots of worry about where they can step. {sixtysecondparent.com}

Do you have any tips for me? What fruits/veggies/plants do your kids like to help grow?

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