Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring is a'comin!

I can feel spring. It's coming. Really, it is. Maybe its the fact that we've seen the sun a little bit more each day here in the Midwest. Or maybe it's this warmer weather getting me in the mood. But either way I am so extremely excited to think that the kids and I are going to be playing outside SOON!

My husband would love if we could get (or moreso, I would be okay with) is a pool. But our backyard isn't big enough (totally MY excuse) or they are just too expensive. But what we ARE seriously looking into are wooden swing sets. I am finally comfortable with finding a "small" swing set for the kids, and I really love the ones I have found online. They are comparably priced to the few choices I have found at WalMart and Sam's Club, but the variety is without a doubt far more spectacular. And with FREE SHIPPING, you can't beat it!

Now, how to tell my hubby he has to enlist the help of a few friends and devote an entire weekend to putting one together?

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preciosamama said...

Just get the hubby and his friends food and something to drink and it will make it more tolerable.
AND the kids discovering it for the fist time will be enough payoff for the work