Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stop It

When referring to a "communication gap" you would usually find me talking about my husband (heehee), but I have come to find out, a communication gap can even moreso refer to the relationship between a Mother and a toddler.

You see, my son took his sweet time when it came to starting to talk. It was shortly after his 2nd birthday when his grunts and sounds actually started resembling real words found in the English language.

But my daughter seems like she has been talking since birth! What I find so funny and cute about her is she can say SO MANY THINGS, but she doesn't really know what they mean. For example, she has picked up on the phrase "Stop it!", so many things I say or do to her, she responds with "Stop it" But it's not always something she wants to stop necessarily.

The other day she came up to me to give me a hug (she's a hugger, and she likes to hug for like 5 minutes straight) So while we were hugging we both let each other go and she looked at me right in the eye and said "Stop it". I said to her "okay" and walked away. She then started crying, but I didn't understand why, since she clearly wanted me to stop hugging her. So I let her fuss for a few seconds and she came over to me and again said "Stop it". I told her "I did stop hugging you". Then I bent down and she started hugging me again. I didn't quite understand what she meant and I actually never found out! But after thinking about it, I think she maybe meant "DON'T stop", because it was obvious she DIDN'T want me to stop hugging her!

Have you ever had a funny misunderstanding with your kids? Or really anyone in general?

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