Monday, May 17, 2010

.five minutes.

the days get away from me. and when i come back to this place i realize i have been gone too long. i think of my blog every day, and that is as far as it gets. i think of how i should write more. i love to write. really i do. but life goes on and on and on. and as i sit here a most handsome little guy comes up to me and shows me how he can count up to 5 with ALL of his fingers. today's amazing accomplishment. not the fact that i have a million errands to run and a house to clean and a vacation to continue to stress out about that we leave for bright and early wednesday morning (did you know it is supposed to rain in florida EVERY DAY we are there. grrrrrrrreat. i can hear lily giggling from the other room. i am certain she is doing something she isn't supposed to. like climbing on something or coloring on herself with a permanent marker. yeah. great mom i am. i look around and see the artwork of my kids. colored construction paper with a single blue line across it "look mommy, it's for you!" and i proudly display them in the clear plastic page protectors that i have hanging above my computer. so i can see them every single day. i wonder what other parents do with the ALL TOO MUCH artwork and projects their kids make. do you keep them? do you toss them? how do you differentiate between the two? do you have to throw them away on the sly, so the kiddos don't know? i want to keep them all! every single piece of crumpled paper with a single blue colored line across it. i want to treasure it forever. i don't want to be old and forget these special, crazy, lovely, insane times. they are my life and i love every single project these kiddos come up with.

(five minutes of full on writing, no stopping, no thinking, no editing (except for spelling because i can't stand seeing typo's)


Sheryl said...

I dedicate one wall in our house (going up the stairs) as our "art wall", I'm sure you've seen it. The ones they ask to go on the wall, go on the wall. The ones they don't ask to be put on the wall, "fall" into the trash when the children aren't looking. I hate throwing any of them away but there are just too many!

2kutekreations said...

I agree with Sheryl. It's impossible to keep all of their art work. I always got the more interesting ones and I have them till today (youngest soon to be 18) and the others would just disappear when they would have forgotten them.

Sheena @ Sophistishe said...

Put some up, recycle the rest. Of course my answer may differ once Jay starts making the doodles just for me.