Thursday, May 27, 2010

Disney World Wrap-Up

Last week, we visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Many people have asked if I was going to give a wrap-up of our trip along with tips on traveling with little one's. I have come up with a week long schedule of write-up's regarding the trip starting next week. I am planning it as follows:

1. Monday ~ Traveling with Little One's
2. Tuesday ~ Disney Parks with Little One's
3. Wednesday ~ Schedules with Little One's
4. Thursday ~ Entertainment with Little One's
5. Friday ~ Eating Out with Little One's

So keep an eye out next week for tips and tricks that we found worked (and DIDN'T work) while on our trip. Maybe we can help keep you from making gosh awful mistakes or help you make the best of your Disney World trip with your own little one's!

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