Friday, April 9, 2010

You thought you knew me?

One of my great friends recently wrote a post about why she is "weird". Now, personally, I don't think she is weird at all (well, for the most part, lol), but I thought it was a pretty neat writing exercise that I'd love to try out. Now, I can't guarantee that what I write about makes me weird, but I decided I am just going to write out a bunch of facts about ME, is that okay?

1. When I entered college, I was a poli sci major. I changed my major numerous times which resulted in lengthening my college career two years. I ended up graduating as a.....poli sci major.
2. As a kid, I always said I wanted to be the first woman President. This very dream of mine was the only reason I wore braces because my mother told me that there is no one would vote for someone with crooked teeth.
3. I volunteered at a no-kill cat shelter in Chicago for my college internship. My intent was to pursue a law degree with a concentration in Animal Law. I was going to prosecute animal abuser's. I was often told I would absolutely be poor since "Dogs can't pay for legal advice". Hoping that later in life, I can still go to Law School.
4. I was in the marching band in high school. I played percussion (xylophone, timpani, bass, cymbals, chimes, bells, brake drum.....all the FUN stuff!)
5. I am passionate about pregnancy related depression and anxiety, because I suffered from it.
6. I wear 2 pairs of socks, at all times. When I was in middle school, I ran track (hurdles) and in order to support my weak ankles I had to wear layers upon layers of socks because it was impossible to run hurdles with any type of brace on my ankles. Undoubtedly, my ankles were STILL sore from the pressure of the jumping, so I wore 2 pairs of socks all the time. I then started fitting my shoes to that of wearing 2 pairs of socks....It just stuck I guess. Oh, and yes. My feet sweat horribly. I wear lots of flip flops in the summer.
7. I have a hole in my heart.
8. I have a lesion in my brain that I am supposed to have monitored to assure it is not growing.
9. My 2 bottom vertebrae of my back on the left side are fused together. A condition I was born with that I most likely would never have found out about if it weren't for the fact that I ran hurdles. It put so much undue strain on my back that I had to quit running for fear I might paralyze my entire leg.
10. I am an understanding person. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I will most likely give you a second chance if you deserve it. I try my best and find I often succeed at looking at things rationally and calmly, unless it relates to my kids, then Mama Bear will show you who's the boss.
11. I don't vaccinate my kids.
12. I don't care who has a problem with the previous statement.
13. I am petrified of putting my kids in school. I am afraid of all those bad things that can happen. Although I could never in a million years homeschool my kid because i am certainly not smart enough to be responsible for my kids' educations. Here's an idea. How about everyone in my area who homeschools, let's make our own little school ourselves, then the kids can be in "school" but not really be in "school", know what I mean?
14. I vowed to never let my kid watch kids LOVE Barney.
15. If I could be anywhere in the world, where would I be? Anywhere my kids are....I mean, anywhere. And if my husband can be there too, even better.

So that's me.....who are you?


MBKimmy said...

Great post - it was exciteing to see "who" you are ...
maybe I will play ... not sure if I do I will let you know!

Erin said...

If I didn't have to work full-time outside of the home, I'd so be in for a home school co-op. I love the idea, but alas!