Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LIVEBLOGGING~ Transition to the Big Boy Bed

I posted about the Big Boy Bed and decided to attempt to live blog how the transition to the bed goes:

10:00pm Due to the time change, bedtimes have been a bit later than usual. The last couple of months have been rough, with Jonah's constant fight to get him to bed, it isn't surprising when he doesn't go to bed until 10pm anyhow. So if TODAY'S 10pm, is really like 9pm, then I feel like we are doing well.

10:15pm 3 books have been read; one in particular titled Bedtime. I think this is a great book as we can make up our own story to it and it shows lots of pictures of bedtime routines and a BIG BOY going to sleep in his own bed. We said our prayers and talked a little more about being a Big Boy and the potential for a present the next morning. He says he wants a "book" as his present. I told him I thought that was a great idea. I kiss him goodnight and tell him I will be on the computer just outside of his room (we have a little desk just in the hallway nook at the top of his stairs). And this time it worked! Usually he would NEVER let me leave, so this was an amazing monumental sign! He didn't even "need" the TV on. It was perfect.

10:25pm Sound asleep. I am in awe and amazement. MAYBE this is it?!

1:45am I folded laundry, took a bath, and wrote a post all while the kids slept. It was amazing. The hubby and actually spent some time together. We had forgotten what that was like. So I hit the hay around midnight. I will intentionally leave out how bad of a sleeper Lily has been these last few nights, because its not pretty. BUT Jonah made it until 1:45am! He did cry quite a bit, and it took a lot of soothing and talking and holding (in his bed with me kneeling next to the bed) to calm him down. I even pulled out the Bedtime book. I got him back to lay down and was able to leave the room with him still awake as long as I promised I was just right at the computer (makes liveblogging easy don't you think?)

7am NO WAY! He slept until 7am!? I a shocked and stunned and amazed. IT almost seems too easy! He even woke up in a pretty good mood. Which is rare too, because I believe due to lack of good quality sleep his in a cranky mood. Really I am truly amazed at how well this went. I don't want to get too excited though. Tomorrow could be a whole different story.....but i really hope not.

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Sheryl said...

I'm so excited & hope he continues to sleep well!