Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Big Boy Bed

It's been a long time comin'.

Since Jonah was 2 1/2, I have been truly waiting for this day. The day he got his BIG BOY bed. Now, don't me wrong; I love my boy and want nothing more than to keep him my "Lil' Man" forever and ever. But 2 1/2 years (at that time.....*cough* it's now been THREE!) of sleepless nights; most co-sleeping; either in his bed or ours, but every night is as predictable as a broken record. The wakings.....he wakes up; very often. sometimes as small as 2-3 times a night. Sometimes it is every 1/2 hour. If we are co-sleeping, he is generally back asleep fairly quickly. We can "shush" him and tell him to lay down, and he does. That doesn't make it any less exhausting; he is still waking up over and over and over and over.....

So when he was 2 1/2, we started talking it up.

"When you turn 3, you're gonna get a BIG BOY bed. And it will be so exciting and you can have a Mickey Mouse blanket and pillow...."

and we pretty much promised him the world. Anything that would get him to sleep in his bed; alone, we would give him, or promise him.

I have officially promised:

~a present if you sleep all night in your own bed, by yourself like a BIG BOY.
~various other important figures in his life have promised him similar things
~a party. Yes, a party~ with balloons, and a cake, and presents

those things seemed appealing to him. And sometimes he'd bite and run with it and be excited; and some times, when he sort of "figured it out" he changed his tone and refused the meer idea of it.

So today was the day and tonight was the night (I know he isn't three until Monday, but give me a break; we made it THIS FAR.....). Todd and Jonah put together his BIG BOY bed. He was excited and loved it and jumped right in.

But the deal is; ONLY Jonah can sleep in that bed. I mean there is only ONE pillow, so no one else can fit. PLUS, that bed is only for BIG BOY's and Daddy is a DADDY, not a BIG BOY and Mommy is a MOMMY, not a BIG BOY.

I am planning on liveblogging the transition tonight. Wish us luck. And cross your fingers for us!

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