Friday, March 19, 2010


"Just like you Mommy."

"Yep. Just like me. And he is just like you. Such a big boy."

I tell him the story again. The story that goes along in our heads to the picture book titled 'Bedtime'. I like that this book doesn't tell a story, it let's me incorporate all of the important things myself. I am able to add in the descriptiveness that seems ever so familiar to our own home and family. It makes Jonah feel comfortable and safe. I tell him how the Mommy is going to be just outside his room on her computer. And how the big boy (we for some reason named Clyde) is yawning (and we yawn together), and how the Mommy kisses his head ("Kiss my head Mommy") and how Clyde has his favorite blanket ("My favorite blanket is Mickey.")

He relates. And connects. And absorbs it all.

He's getting so big. He will be 3 on Monday.

Where has 3 years gone?

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