Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy birthday my Sweet Boy, today you are 3!

Dear Jonah,

So many things have changed in the last year. This very day, just a year ago, you were getting used to the fact that you were now an older brother, and that your little sister was here to stay. We had a super fun party for you, with a floor covered in balloons and dancing with your cousins to the Wiggles. At the age of two, you were just getting in to talking. You decided that you weren’t going to say anything unless it was important. And one day, not too long before your second birthday did you begin to say more than 10 words. You made it worth the wait, because now….you tell us stories, and jokes, and you understand sarcasm, and please don’t tell anyone that you and Daddy watch Family Guy together. This past year we haven’t been able to leave the house much since your baby sister is just a baby, but I remember something very special we did together. Remember the blue yellow submarine at The Museum of Science and Industry? I knew you would love it. And you were such a good boy while we went on the tour with all of the adults that I am sure were cursing under their breath when they saw us standing in line to get in. but you were so good. And you listened so intently to the tour guide, and you were so interested. Everyone was impressed by your good behavior. But that’s the thing about you Joj, you’re such a good boy most of the time. You have such a gracious and tender heart. You adore your sister so much. You guys are the best of friends already. And you care so much about how other people feel and always want to give them something. You LOVE to wrap presents, and you often run around the house finding various treasures, to wrap and give to those important people in your life; like grandma or grandpa, or even me and daddy. But you always tell us we have to wait for our party’s. You’re so cute like that.

You have this way of getting me to say “Yes” to whatever it is you are asking. You will say” You say Yes? Or no? Yes? No? Yes? Or no?” It’s so funny. Because all I can do is giggle, and most of the time, I give in.

It’s so easy to give in to you. You flash me that cute handsome smile and I just melt. You are kind and loving and fun spirited, everyone just loves to be around you.

You are growing up so fast. Just a few days before your 3rd birthday you got your very own Big Boy Bed. We had been talking about your Big Boy Bed for 6 months now, and I am a mix of emotions about it. It means you are growing up. It means you won’t need me by your side any more. It means you are closer and closer to those days when it will be impossible for me to drag you out of bed. That very bed I presume. My how times have and will change. I want to hold on to your Mickey Mouse bedding for life, hoping that somehow I will be able to hold on to you, and keep you my little boy forever.

But it’s days like today, the celebration of another year going past that makes each and every birthday of yours a little more bittersweet than the one before. Makes it pull on my heart just a little harder. Makes me hold you closer and tighter than the day before.

Jonah ~ 3 months

Jonah ~ 3 years

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. I can't wait to see you grow, but try not to do it too fast okay?



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jrs1956 said...

very well said-I love you---dad