Monday, February 22, 2010

Tommee Tippee Review ~ the sippy cup revolution

I am a Sippy Cup Snob. I admit it. I am always on the lookout for a sippy cup that might be a better fit for each of my kids. I have been on this hunt ever since my FAVORITE sippy cup changed the way they made their straws. I won't name names, but if you are a Sippy Cup Snob like I am, then you know EXACTLY which ones I am talking about.

And that was about 2 years ago.

There are so many areas that are important when it comes to a sippy cup.

1. It can't have TOO many parts. The least amount of parts the better. The pro's to having less pieces, is less pieces to lose or break. But I do understand the con's, being that those cups are harder to clean. So a happy medium is great! Just enough pieces to make it easy to clean, but not TOO complicated.
2. It's gotta be appealing to the 2 year old eye. Now, sometimes he doesn't mind general pictures, like dinosaurs or trucks or airplanes. And sometimes he MUST have his Mickey Mouse cup. But I DO draw the line, no matter what age the child is. I can't be TOO baby-ish, you know what I mean? I cringe at Winnie the Pooh ANYTHING, so I definitely won't let my kid cart around a Winnie the Pooh sippy cup, to me, it seems too babyish. I also like when the pictures of generic things like trucks and airplanes aren't TOO childish either.
3. The cup better be resilient to the tantrums of a child. It must be able to hold it's own against the very best 2 year old who decides throwing the cup out a moving car window. I understand a scratch here or there, but please, make sure your BPA-FREE plastic isn't gonna crack under pressure!
4. It's got to have an easy flow. Meaning, my 2 year old doesn't set himself up for serious set-in facial wrinkles, just by having to suck REALLY HARD just to get his drink out. This frustrates him, and seriously, should a kid have to endure getting frustrated over a sippy cup?! There are plenty of other things that set him off, a poor performing sippy cup should not be one of them!
5. It MUST be spill proof!
6. Must be BPA-Free!
7. ALL brands of sippy cups need to be versatile enough to offer a standard sippy cup as well as a straw cup. My 1 year old daughter was drinking out of a straw cup by the time she was 6 months old. I had a hard time finding suitable cups that were easy for her to hold, wasn't TOO hard to suck out of (strength-wise), and of course, included any of the above mentioned criteria. She still cannot drink out of a cup that involves tipping/sipping. My 3 year old wasn't tipping/sipping until he was 2! So, I really believe more sippy cup companies need to offer up ample amounts of straw cup options for kids like mine.
I was recently sent a few sippy cups from a company called Tommee Tippee, a brand that is pretty prevalent in the UK, and is now trying to break into the US market. And truthfully and honestly, I can say, it is my FAVORITE sippy cup to date!

The most impressive aspect is the flow. I actually tried it out myself (as I do all cups, to see how they work), and I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was the EASIEST cup, by far to drink out of. Also, there were only a few parts, and it is COMPLETELY not spillable, AT ALL! The cup is a great, chunkier size, and feels extremely durable. The colors are appropriate to a boy or girl, and the pictures are basic and generally pleasing to look at. I am beyond ecstatic for this cup and this company. It really seems like Tommee Tippee has hit the nail right on the head with their sippy cups. They are awesome.

The one and ONLY con I found, is that they do not make a straw cup, and I really wish they did. Since I am so pleased with the company, craftsmanship, and overall function of the cups, I am SURE a straw cup would be a big hit!

Tommee Tippee not only makes sippy cups but a huge variety of other items; bottles, bibs, tableware, pacifiers, and more.


MBKimmy said...

No spill huh?! I want one ... I am going to have to look it up ... thanks ... found you thru the win at MckMamas ... going to read some more!

havay said...

Tommee Tippee does make a straw sippy. I just bought it for my son. It leaks horribly. It will leak just sitting on the counter without being touched. Now, the clear plastic valve won't stay attached to the straw holder. This is after 2 days. I am very disappointed. I would be interested to see if anyone else has a problem with these sippies.

Leila said...

I did try the straw sippy cups and found that they did not work well. My baby had trouble with getting the liquid to actually come up the straw when sucking. Even when I tried sucking through it, it took too much effort. Was very disappointed and returned them.

bestsippycup said...

I recently came across Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups as well and I was very impressed. My son and I both love these cups and I wish I had found them much sooner. I can't believe I actually found a cup that doesn't spill! I tell everyone about these cups!

Ali said...

We have two of the Tommee Tippee straw cups. They are useless, what a waste (and not inexpensive) 15 month old who can easily use a straw, can't suck through them. I can't suck anything through it. Am I assembling it wrong? Is there some trick someone knows of? Very disappointed.

AJ said...

I just learned that I have been assembling the cup wrong the entire two months we have had them... here is a youtube video from Tommee Tippee to show you how to correctly assemble the straw cup.

Avery said...

A thank you so much for posting that video!!! I had no idea you had to put it together first and THEN snap it into place. I was putting it in place and then trying to snap it all together. Works perfectly now! No more crossing my fingers it will now I love these cups now, I was upset before.

Anonymous said...
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Shelby said...

I LOVE these cups, they are everything you said, BUT they do now make a straw cup, and either it is not up to their usual quality standards, or I got a dud package. It does not work, and I am very disappointed, because the other cups are my all time favorite!!

Brian Spain said...

These cups are the best leakproof cups out there. I wish that I knew about them sooner. I believe that anyone who has a problem/complaint with Tommee Tippee Straw cups is not putting it together correctly. The reason that you can't get liquid through the straw is because the valve is incorrectly assembled. It is a very simple process. 1st you push the straw/valve into the white holder. Make sure that the little hourglass shaped valve is completely through the hole in the holder. You then push the soft straw through the lid, working the white holder into place on the bottom of the lid and then snap the straw cover into place. Then insert the "hard" straw into the bottom on the white holder.