Friday, February 26, 2010


Lily ~ on her "Birth" Day.

"Happy Birthday to you....."

Her 1st birthday is in 4 days, but her birthday party is tomorrow afternoon. We have been long planning her 'Oh So Sweet Ladybug" birthday party. The balloons have been bought. The cake has been decorated. The RSVP's have been rolling in. The details will be finished off in the morning. And I will dress her, in her ladybug dress, and add a few matching flower clips to her headband. She won't be wearing shoes, since I have still not found a shoe to fit her. There is SO MUCH to do still before her party. And the house is a mess. It didn't matter. These special, sparkly moments with my girl are priceless....and beyond words.

"Happy birthday to you....."

Her eyes started to droop. She whined instead of giggled. I held her ever so close tonight. We are wearing our matching Nick & Nora owl pajama's. Tonight we had a girl's night. We danced and sang and ate and played. She nestled into my arms. Got herself comfortable and situated.

"Happy Birthday dear Lily-kins....."

I told her I was so proud of how far we had come. And so happy we are a family. And so happy she is mine, all mine. And how my heart aches, knowing an entire year has almost past. I teared up a little bit. I sang her to sleep. I sang her 'Happy Birthday', over and over and over. Her eyes slowly closed. After the tenth time around, she was asleep. I held her in, so tight. Closed my eyes and just breathed her in. My lips touched her soft hand. I left them there. My heart yearns to have her with me at all times.

"Happy Birthday to You."


Lynette said...

What a sweet girl! And such a sweet mama to take such care in the planning. Your description of your girls' night is beautiful. Enjoy each other!

Delectable Dining said...

What a beautiful post... Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!