Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That Someone Was You ~ Happy Birthday Lily

Dear Lily,
It's been a year. A whole year since you went from being in my womb to being in my arms. That day, that moment I saw you for the first time. That sweet dimple was all I could focus on when Dr Henry showed you to me for the first time. Today, that dimple is still a conversation starter.

You were precious and amazing and lovely and beautiful. You were mine and meant to be MY baby, and it felt so good to finally have you all to myself.

I loved laying in the hospital bed, just you and me. I snuggled and loved on you ever so much. We hit a few rough patches right from the start, we both know that. But those rough patches are what has made us who we both are today. And along with all the millions of happy times that have far outweighed the tough times, we are a perfect pair.

You fit ever so perfectly into our lives. You rounded out our family and have made us whole. You filled a part of our hearts that were missing, and now we are complete.

Giving birth to you was the easy part, I honestly cannot complain. From "start to finish" (the moment I got into that hospital bed to the time you were born was roughly around 5 hours. Thanks for taking it easy on Mommy. I appreciate you making it so easy.

Loving you was the easy part. I loved the smell of your hair, I could breath it in for hours. And cuddle your snuggly goodness until the end of time.

Your big brother wasn't so sure of you at first. It took him awhile to adjust to you being around. But he came around and now the 2 of you are like best buds. It fills my heart with so much joy to hear the 2 of you giggle and play and share secrets like you do. You will never find another person on this planet that will love you the way a brother does. Cherish it, he will always love you and protect you and watch out for you. At times, now and in the future, it may seem overbearing, but he is (and will be) doing it out all the best intentions possible.

We love you more than any words can explain. You have made our family what it is today. It has been a full year and I look forward to all of the new milestones you will reach in the coming year(s). You have come so far. You are walking and trying to talk. You are eating big girl food 99% of the time and want to do EVERYTHING your brother does. You love to be held and carried. You smile so big when we dance with you and you LOVE to climb the stairs. You cry so hard whenever I leave the room and each and every day you and your daddy are getting closer and closer. Love your daddy to pieces, the love a daddy and a daughter have is one of those most special loves on the planet. You'll see that as you get older. You guys will have so much fun.

Lily, you complete me. You have made my heart whole and full. Mommy's heart has 3 parts, one for daddy, one for jonah, and one for you. Before you were born, it was just waiting for someone to fill it. That someone was you.

Happy birthday my sweet angel. I can't imagine my life without you in it. I look forward to all of the amazing things we will get to experience with you. Thank you for giving us all you have to give, it has always been exceptional, and you don't even know it.




MBKimmy said...

beautiful post! Your babies are adorable!

~michelle pendergrass said...

That's one lucky little girl to have a mama like you!! (((hugs)))

Lynette said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! May you have a wonderful year filled with love and growth.