Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Party on Bill. Party on Ted.

With the kids birthdays just around the corner (both in March), I have started thinking about themes for their parties. Lily will be 1 and Jonah will be 3, so I pretty much still have control over them as of now, so I am wanting to go all out!

For baby girl, I want something girly, but not traditional. I want something unique and fresh and new. Suggestions?

For Jonah, I am pretty lucky because we are having his party somewhere that doesn't require us to purchase themed anything, they provide it ALL! Now, that doesn't mean I won't turn on them, and tell them I want them to use the cups, napkins, and plates I provide. LOL. I am thinking of something to do with music, guitars, and possibly the BEATLES for him!

Do you have any fun and interesting birthday theme ideas for your little ones? I'd love for you to share, or give me and tips or advice for throwing the perfect parties!


Capribythelake said...

How about a candyland theme?

Or how about an enchanted fairy bday?

And here are the free printables for that one:

Or here is the french circus theme-
I love this Robot party for Jonah:

or this cookie monster party for Jonah (I love this one!):

Sheena @ Sophistishe said...

If you don't do tropical for Lily, I'm going to be sad, lol.

I will totally be ordering some rockstar accessories for Jayden if Jonah has a Beatles party!