Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2 under 2

This is gonna take some getting used to. This whole mama to 2 kids thing. This afternoon has been slightly retched. Lily was asleep in her crib, after a morning of being up for like 4 hours straight (and yesterday, she slept ALL DAY...what a difference a day makes!), Todd's parents came over and we got lunch and they hung out for awhile. It was nice to have someone else here to distract Jonah while Lily was up so much. She finally fell asleep, you know that deep sleep that you can just tell the kid is gonna be asleep for awhile? And Jonah was SO TIRED, so I figured it was perfect timing. Jonah and I laid in his bed and I tried to get him to go to sleep. This is usually a 30-45 minuts process of me laying next to him and saying many, many times...."put your head down". Well, I didn't have 30-45 minutes, because by the 3rd time Lily let out a little cry, it seemed inevitable that Jonah would never go to sleep. It is now almost 4pm, and no nap for him, or me. And today, I really felt like I could use one.
I thought maybe if I left the TV on in his room with Barney on repeat, and I fed Lily in her room across the hall, maybe he'd lay down and miraculously fall asleep. Well that didn't happen either. Then Lily made the messiest diaper I think I have ever seen in my entire life, forcing me to give her her first sponge bath since being home from the hospital. I was nervous, as I was doing it all alone, with a toddler at my feet. Luckily, it went well and seemed to zonk her out, cuz she is now asleep. Oh, did I mention that 10 minutes after her bath she yacked all over the both of us, forcing me to put on her LAST clean pair of pj's (her cord hasnt' fallen off yet, so my clothing choices for her are limited!). I must do laundry! But when?!? And I need some tylenol for my back, which hurts in a way I have never felt before. And caffeine would be nice, to keep me moving.

Tonights plan:

1. A backrub from the hubby
2. Some tylenol, like NOW!
3. Hubby stops and picks up a 24 pack of Coke on his way home from work
4. Laundry, sometime soon if I don't want my newborn to be naked the rest of the day
5. Bathe the boy
6. American Idol...heck yes!


Together We Save said...

You seem to be feeling better. I am glad for you. Sleep will come and you will get some amount of a schedule again.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Oh I am so sorry. I follow you on Twitter and don't know you...but I am a mom, so I feel like I know you and I just want to give you a big hug..and I wish I was your neighbor, because I would seriously come over and help you out. Sleep deprivation, wacko hormones, crying babies, fussy toddlers....ohhh those days were rough for me...and not that long ago. So my heart goes out to you and my prayers.

Glenni Lorick said...

I saw you on Twitter and loved the title of your blog. These first couple of weeks can be so challenging. Maybe you can make a special basket of videos and toys your little boy likes that he can play with only when you nurse Lily.
I will pray things get better soon.
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vamomma said...

The first few weeks are SO the most difficult.

I stumbled upon this which kinda helped. If the baby went down for nap...I would put the older child in a playpen in the living room next to the couch (portable one will work) and some toys in the playpen. I'd stick a video(DVD now) in the TV--usually my child's favorite. She loved Richar Scarry's Busy Town--but that was 15 years ago! I'd lay down on the couch to rest. I found that it did help. Sometimes, just putting my feet up for 15 minutes and closing my eyes, but not really dozing off helped.

I wish you the very best.


Amanda said...

Here from Twitter.
1st rule of mom to two-dom- be gentle to yourself. I have three- aged 4, 2.5 and 10 months. It's hard, we get tired, frustrated and more, but that doesn't diminish the quality of our love.

Feel better.

Anonymous said...

First: you're going to make it. You're going to be fine.
Second: listen to your depression. It may pass in a week or so, and it may not. If not, please do not be a martyr; please don't shrug it off as "baby blues"; please don't rule out any options, including medication.
Believe me, I know this stuff. (References on request.) I know way more than I wish I knew.
Third: I have two also. My tough time was after my first (a solid year of hell). You never feel the same about each kid--how can you? They're two different people! You're not depriving your son of love; you've given him (and your family) a whole new package of love. He's richer, not poorer.
Finally: Where's the hubster? Mom? Sister? MiL? Baby nurse? Neighbor? Fellow church member? Ask for help. We are the only country in the world which expects new moms to be up and on their feet and fully functional a week after giving birth, and in this respect we are behind the most backward of Third World nations. Having babies is HARD. Hang in there.

Marcy said...

Hi, I saw your twitter posts this morning and feel the need to reach out to another struggling mommy. I have a 13 month old son, and I remember all too well what those first difficult months were like with him... and that was without also having to juggle a toddler. I definitely feel for you, I think this job is one of the hardest out there.

I remember how it felt like I'd never get past that stage, like I'd always be tired and he's always be so needy and life would never get any better. IT DOES.

Don't underestimate how much better a good nap or couple hours to yourself can do for you. Cabn you have someone come over to watch the kids while you sleep, or get away? Or you and hubby go spend some time together? I think that could really help you.

Best of luck. This is so so hard, but you WILL get through it.

Danielle said...

Hang in there-the first month is the toughest. I will be in your shoes in August and I know it will be a challenge. i am already setting up family/friends to come and help me.

Lane C said...

Keep it up! Laundry sounds like a great accomplishment oh and a coke sounds great too! I followed you here from Growing a life and I will also be having a baby girl after boy, next week ekk!!! Please keep your chin up, it will get better!

Anonymous said...

One day at a time - it will get easier! (I never used to believe that when people would tell me, but now it actually has.)


Laski said...

Just came over from Flip Flop . . . I'll be where you are come July. I had my son in August and the new baby (a girl) is due at the end of July.

I'm excited, but I have no illusions as to what it will be like.

You sound like you're doing great--especially if you can get constant back rubs, as much sleep as humanly possible and a constant supply of chocolate (if you like chocolate, that is).

Take care and congrats! BTW, a good friend said that as soon as her boys hit 2 and 4, she forgot how hard it used to be. Not sure what to make of that . . . just yet . . .


Cara said...

I don't have 2 under 2, but mine are just over 2 years apart. The first 3 months were a joke, but now that the little one is 5 months, it does get easier! I gave up and we had mostly frozen pizza and chicken nuggets for 3 months.