Friday, January 2, 2009

Widdling down my list....

Well, I guess yesterday's post really got me in gear for prepping for this little baby girl who's on her way. And in regards to the list that I made, I have ceen able to check a few things off as well since then.

I found an Arm's Reach Full Size Co-Sleeper on Craigslist, and contacted the seller immediately, after a few emails back and forth, we decided it was a pretty good deal and we would go ahead and purchase it. Only downfall, it was 1.5 hours away from home, so a long roadtrip was in store.

Luckily, with the new minivan (oh that reminds me, I haven't even told you all about the new minivan yet!!!), built in DVD player, and a full tank of gas, we woke up early and hit the road. The town we needed to go to just happened to be pretty close to our favorite mall, so we made a stop there as well. I was already tired (being 31 weeks pregnant can do that to you), so we didn't stay long. Since the hubby let me get the co-sleeper, I let him get a pair of boots he hasn't stopped talking about for over a month! We also took advantage of Janie & Jack (my absolute favorite kids store...that is, when we have a little extra money to spend), and got Lily her Coming-Home-from-the-Hospital outfit. Isn't it SO CUTE? There were so many cute outfits ands pieces to choose from, but at the prices they were, we were only able to buy one. And it even kinda pains me to know that the preemie outfit we got her will probably only be worn once, then placed in the memory box, to show her when she is older.

After we got home, I continued working on her room. The furniture pieces are finally in place. I got all of her preemie-3 month clothes hung up, and anything that I happen to have that is bigger than that, I labeled and boxed and put under her crib. Once the room is closer to finished, I will be posting pics!!!

I can't believe it's pink. I can't believe I am having a girl. I found myself often sitting on the floor in her room, pink clothing scattered about, almost needing to pinch myself, because I can't believe how real it is all becoming. It is January 2, and I am due March 4. I literally have 61 days left if I go to term, I just can't believe it. And you know what, the anxiety is lifting a bit. Instead of fear and confusion, I find myself giggling and smiling, wondering how I ever got to this place in my life. If you would have asked me even 4-5 years ago if I thought I'd be here, where I am right now. I would have laughed and said, "heck, no! I don't want any kids." And look at me now, I am the epitome of the typical mom. And you know what...this is EXACTLY where I want to be.

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