Saturday, January 12, 2008

Date Night.

Last night, Todd took me on a date! And not just ANY date, he took me up to Chicago!

We dropped off Jonah at Todd's parent's house and headed up to Rush Presbyterian Hospital to see our friends nwe baby boy, Liam. He is so precious, and I of course forgot to take any pictures. He is actually in the Special Care Nursery, being monitored for Hypoglycemia. Mama got discharged yesterday, but Liam has to stay hopefully only a few more days. I couldn't imagine having to leave my baby at the hospital and I got to go home. I am pretty sure I would eat, sleep, and breath that baby, 24 hours a day, whether the hospital liked it or not. But I guess they don't really recommend that and I can see why. You'd go crazy doing that. I really sympathize with those parents that don't get to take their baby home right away, I don't think I could ever be that strong to go through that. God bless you Mama's and Papa's who go through that. I got to hold Liam and I got a little bit of an itch. Yup. That I want another baby itch. But Todd and I talked about it, we agreed not until later.

After that, we went to dinner at Flat Top, pretty much the absolute best resteraunt in the entire world! It is a make-your-oen-stirfry place. I highly recommend trying it out, it's the best. And for sure try the Peanut Butter Pie, it is amazing!

And that's not all, our night was not over yet! We then went to a Comedy Club called "Stage Left Theater" to see a musical improv comedy called pHamily. It was so darn funny. There were 5 characters, and they ask the audience all these questions in order to get the characters and the storyline and everything. The main character ended up being Dieter Gerome, and he had a she-man daughter names Celeste, a sister named Heidi who was trying her hardest to hide her German accent and be a coupon-clipping American. Dieter had a girlfriend, Cinderella who lost her keys and her heart to Dieter, and a culture-confused landlord who collected Simpson's figurines and wrote his lease on a 7 foot scroll. Better yet, the theater was small and intimate, only about 15 people were in the audience. I wanna go again, because I know it will be funny and completely different. Anyone wanna go?

They also offer Impov classes. Give me your honest opinion, how do you think I would do if I were to take those classes? Seriously, because I am kinda thinking about it, just for fun. When the 8 week class is over, there is a show. Would you come and watch?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Of COURSE I would come and watch! I definitely think our next girls' night out MUST be Second City when we can be away from the kids that long!! I love improv and think improv classes teach excellent values for life in general!

We were in Chicago last night, too, by the way!


To Think is to Create said...

Oh I looove improv, of course we'd come watch. Sounds like a blast! Hope you had some nice re-connect time! We went to Chicago today, too!

Anonymous said...

I'd totally come and watch you!! How fun! That sounds like a wonderful date! I can't even remember the last time theFM and I had a date.

Carrington said...

What a fun night, I hope you guys had some time to get to know each other again. :) Wade and I sometimes feel like, "Hi, who are you?"

I love dates in the city, and your night sounds like SO much fun. The improv is one of Wade and mine favorite thing to do. I would totally go watch you!