Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not tonight.

So tonight's the least it was supposed to be the night. One of the few night's I would get to see and hear Hugh Laurie speaking in his native British accent as he accepted his award for "Best Actor in a Drama Series". But not tonight. Nope. There will be no Golden Globe Ceremony. No red carpet. No best and worst dressed lists. No Ryan Seacrest "Out". No interviews. No acceptance speeches. Nope. Not tonight. Because tonight, the Golden Globe awards are going to be awarded via a News Conference from the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Yeah, can you tell. I'm a little upset. Now, I'm not insane for these things, it's just sort of become a thing. It is a show where Todd and I can watch it together because we both like it. We get mad because so-and-so won or lost, and most of the time, we never even saw the movie. But still, Hugh Laurie is amazing and I won't get to see him win. I love the show House and anyone who can fake an American accent when he really has a British one, should win the award for best ACTOR, because that's what he is. I know, this stupid Writer's Guild thing that they can't seem to settle. I wish they'd just figure it out, and get it over with already.

Well, good luck to Hugh Laurie and the show House and America Ferrera from Ugly Betty.

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Noah and Josh's Mom said...

I am with you! It is a royal pain not! And the shows that did come back are just not the same. You can totally tell!

Hurry up is right!