Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sports Illustrated for Kids

"For the Sports Fanatic"

As my now 6 year old son has gotten older I have already lost the battle on the sports fanatic on him. He is right there next to his Daddy cheering on the favored football team or if the Blackhawks are playing I am a non-existent. I find it adorable though, that he loves sports so much. It is ingrained in him. He knows scores and players that I have never even heard of before!

One of my most favorite gifts to give him again this year is a year subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids. Now that he is an avid reader he can't get enough of sports info. He is constantly bombarding me with random information about the Chicago Blackhawks, so I know getting this magazine again each month will bring him tons of joy. Every issue comes with a pull-out poster, sports cards, and games, puzzles, and sports trivia.
You still have time to get your little sports fanatic a year subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids for only $19.95. And to sweeten the deal, you can get a second subscription for only $5! Upon subscribing you also have the option for a printable gift card to announce your gift. I know I will personally be placing that in my little guy's stocking for Christmas.

I was provided with one complimentary year subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids
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