Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Can you use Lactaid just like traditional milk?

We have been a family who uses lactose-free milk for years now, and honestly, we have never looked back. Since Todd and I both have become sensitive to lactose in our later years, the transition was necessary and since you can get all of the same nutrients and good stuff from Lactaid, it's just as good for the whole family as traditional milk. The Lactaid website has a very informative F.A.Q. section that I suggest checking out if you want to learn more.

Since Lactaid is the only milk we carry in our house, we cook with it in all of our recipes and no one would ever know any different. I haven't come across any recipes that taste different or "off" so I don't even need to think twice. Being summertime, we are often making more "fun" foods. For example, we made a small batch of pudding this morning, it called for two cups of milk. We used Lactaid and it tasted just like the pre-packaged pudding cups my kids love so much. This afternoon we are making cupcakes for our 4th of July celebration tomorrow, and if it calls for milk, we will be using Lactaid.

Another fun recipe we tried out was a super simple chocolate shake recipe I found on the Lactaid website.

Celebrity chef and Lactaid spokesperson, Melissa d'Arabian was on the Today Show recently showing us how to make a yummy, creamy dinner that is lactose-free. 

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Do you or anyone else in your family have a sensitivity to lactose or are lactose intolerant? What are some of your favorite lactose-free meals or recipes? Please share them below!

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