Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What makes you the "Not-So-Perfect" Mom?

The lazy days of summer (oh, did I say lazy? because, I meant CRAZY) are coming to an end in a few weeks here, and our schedule is already in high gear. With school registrations, and parent nights and extra-curricular activities to add on to our already full plate I begin to wonder how mom's of more than two kids do it. Now, note...I did not say, "do it all", because I don't believe any mother does it all. Can she appear like she is doing it all? With a clean house and happy kids? Well, sure....on the outside it can seem all rainbow and smiley faces...but somewhere, she too...the perfect Mom, has a fault (or more), that we can't see on the surface.

So tell me, what is your "Not-So-Perfect" Mom parts? And let's be real.....

Here, I'll start:

"I yell at my kids too much. Maybe not in front of others, but at home. 
Sometimes, I need to get my temper in check."

So come on Mom's. What is it? Let it off your chest, and let's band together to embrace NOT being perfect, and that it's okay!

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