Friday, July 13, 2012

The Write Stuff ~ although, you won't find anything about boy bands here

It's here. Back to School time. The bins of school supplies are already out in stores. I am seeing home goods stores promoting sending your kid off to college. And I can't even begin to mention the Back to School clothes shopping and promoting I am seeing.

In our school district, the first day of classes is in just less than 6 weeks. 41 days to be exact. And I am a jumbled up mess of emotions. It is obviously bittersweet for me, as it is for so many other parents sending their first child off to elementary school. And I know, some of you are praying these 6 weeks go by so quickly you can barely blink. And I get that too. I will probably feel that someday too, but for now, I am torn.

My 5 year old will be going off to full-day kindergarten and he couldn't be more excited. I of course have played up how awesome it will all be (and it will be, for sure!), but the twinges and pains and tiny pieces of my heart that are breaking stay tucked inside, so he can't see them). Sigh.

With Back to School comes all this shopping. Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Luckily, there is a pretty cool company who is trying their very best to make it a little less stressful and time consuming for you Mama, and I am pleased to share them with you.

The Write Stuff is your online resource for Back to School shopping! They create prepackaged School Supply kits that are representative of what your particular school and teachers are requiring for your child to bring for the year. I'll admit, there are not any schools in my district that have yet to partner up with The Write Stuff, but I can also shop al a carte on their site as well.

I was concerned that shopping al a carte would end up being more of a hassle than a help. Choosing each pencil, each eraser, each ruler.....yikes. But Jonah really had fun with it! And getting him involved while in the comfort of our own home and without fighting in the aisles of Wal-Mart is awesome to me! And I figured the prices would be sky high and the quality and brands would be knock-off's, but I was wrong on both accounts there. They show you the RETAIL price for a majority of the items, and then show you your COST. And with brands like Mead, Crayola and Ticonderoga, you get a variety to choose from as well. Don't get me wrong, I am no expert on school supply shopping but getting the best price for our purchases, and saving time and my own sanity, then I AM SOLD.

For example, here are a few screen shots from their website:

What I love is how they openly tell you the retail price these products sell for regularly in stores. Now, I know, I know, there are some fantastic Back-to-School sales where you can get some items for mere PENNIES! And maybe for you seasoned mom's of kids who have been in school for years and years, you know where and when to find those steals. But in my opinion, if prices are comparable to those at the stores, and I don't have to fight the other mom's, kids, crazy people to get my 10 glue sticks for a penny each (assuming they are totally sold out when I get there and I really only need ONE anyhow, then I might stick with getting the essentials and items I ABSOLUTELY need from The Write Stuff and brave those sales for extra odd's and end's items to donate to the classroom or save for our at-home craft cabinet.

I was sent a standard Kit to check out so I could see what it's all about and I must say I love it. To think I could go on the site, pick and choose what my kids need, and be done with it just that fast is music to my ears. Jonah was so excited to get everything out and see it, knowing most of it he would be packing in his new backpack for school very soon. Everything was packed nicely and securely, and before I know it, 6 weeks will be here and gone and I will be sending my kindergartener off to the bus stop.

Where did the time go? How are you handling/handled sending you kids off to kindergarten for the first time?


The Write Stuff wants to give away one sample school supplies box, similar to the one they sent me, to one lucky Mommy Instincts reader! Enter below!

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Megryansmom said...

With my own kids it was easy peasy to send them off to kindergarten, but last year when Joey went I cried buckets of tears. Happy tears that made my heart swell so much that he had grown into such a fine young boy and that a beautiful future was just ahead!

Toni said...

I didn't handle it well...even though he had three years of preschool prior. I was fine...until he looked back at me while the teacher herded them in like cattle. He walked with his head down looking at the sidewalk. He finished the year...but that was his last year of public school.

Maria R. said...

My 3 oldest kids luckily were very excited about going to Kindergarten, so it made it easier for me when it came time to drop them off. My youngest will be starting Kindergarten next year, so we'll see how she handles it and that will probably be a more emotional one for me since it'll be the last one I'll be seeing off to Kindergarten.

Betsy S-P said...

Thank you for this opportunity! Although I am not a "mom" my niece is graduation to Pre-school! YIKES! She has a school supply list and needs a backpack. What a great way to celebrate the school year. I love this time of year! :)

Kelly's Lucky You said...

My daughter had a difficult time. She loved school, but we have big separation issues. This year her best friend is in the same class, I'm hoping that will make it easier!

Passport Family said...

My kids are always excited about school - thank God! My 2.5 year old started a little preschool program once a week recently and she is just thrilled to go off to "school". Still, I always get teary-eyed seeing them off. Even when my son caught the bus the first day of school last year - he was going into 5th grade - I shed a tear! I think I'm the one with separation issues, lol!

Amy -

Sarah Parisi said...

My son starts full day kindergarten next year and I'm already a mess. He's going to be in 3 day preschool and I'm trying to remind myself that he's going to love it and it gives me quality time with my younger son.

Samantha said...

My son is starting preschool this year and I'm a MESS! crying crying crying! is in my future I think!

melanie said...

i have a son starting kindergarten this fall, but i'm kind of glad to have him occupied during the day. i still have one at home so we'll see how i handle it when it is her turn!

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

My son is starting kindergarten this fall. I'm feeling overwhelmed but know he is ready! I have so much to do, clothes and supplies to buy!

Michelle said...

So cool! The sale prices are not what they used to be. Last year, the minimum price on glue and crayons went up, and it's continuing this year.

Personally, I had an easy transition because they both went to 5 day a week preschool riding the bus, so I was used to it. And they were SO independent. That helped a lot. It's a personality thing - and then I thought about all I was going to get done while they were at school and gone (ha!)

Jen said...

I have 3 long past Kindergarten and a little one with one more year at home but I always cried. It's an adjustment for everyone. My youngest will be the hardest I think.


Jessica said...

I am pretending to be as excited about it as my five year old is. Since she is my one and only i have a feeling the first day will be really hard for me but she will love it.

Angie said...

It's been a while since I had to send one off to kindergarden. My oldest is 16. My baby boy starts Kindergarden this Fall. I'm not sure how I'm gonna handle it! I'm sure I'll cry more than him!