Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coca-Cola ~ Live Positively

Last month I was invited to the Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia for a two day social media mom blogger conference (along with about 20 other bloggers from across the country) Conversations with Coca-Cola. We got a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of some of Coca-Cola's biggest projects and a many of our tough questions were answered.

Megan Calhoun of Social Moms was our Keynote Speaker, and I couldn't have been more excited. I had heard of her before, but didn't know just how inspiring she was. She got me thinking about my blog and how to re-energize myself. She re-ignited my passion for blogging, something I had lost, for a long time. And now, I am able to slowly bring it back.

We also worked on "Vision Boards", something else very inspirational and amazing. I can't thank Coca-Cola enough for offering that session, it has truly helped me and given me a "visual" inspiration that I look at every day.

We got a chance to listen to Monica Vasquez, professional trainer for Subway Restaurants. She even got us outside and got us "exercising". She even taught us a few quick an easy exercises to squeeze into our busy days. Woohoo!

The Women in the Workplace panel was awesome. They were able to paint a picture for us on how successful corporate business women are able to balance Home Life-Work Life. The "Living Positively" principle is awesome (Coca-cola allows their employees to adjust work schedules/time at the office with their home life, so they don't miss out on important things with home and family too.). It is so refreshing to see a company like Coca-Cola caring so very much about the lifestyles of their employees.
We talked about an annual project called America is Your Park, where the community votes on their favorite park that is in need of restorations. They then present prizes to the top parks. I will be posting more about this in more detail in the coming days. It is a significant passion of mine (getting out and playing) that I need to devote an entire post just to America is Your Park!

Coca-Cola detailed for us their significant work in minimizing their environmental footprint. Pinpointing their work with Water Stewardship, Sustainable Packaging, and Energy Efficiency.

We also discussed the work Coca-Cola is doing to be "Committed to providing Choice". By clearly labeling all of their products with the amount of Calories in each serving, you can make an informed choice before purchasing, whether it is in the store, at a vending machine or at a fountain. There have been some reason debates on New York Health Department considering a ban on all LARGE sized soft drinks in restaurants and food establishments. I'm going to blog more specifically on this topic soon, but to see Coca-Cola's stand on the issue, you can read it here.

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Thanks to Coca-Cola for their generosity in covering all travel, hotel, and event costs for me and my fellow bloggers. I appreciate it the time you took to listen and engage with us, as well as give me a few days away to refresh and recharge. Thanks will never be enough.

*I was not asked to blog or promote Coca-Cola in any way in exchange for their generosity.*

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