Tuesday, May 29, 2012

enough is enough

It may have been the two 32 ounce cokes i drank AFTER 7pm tonight.

It may have been the 2+ hours of The Bachelorette I watched in bed (AFTER midnight).

It may be the fact that I am motivated at 2am to clean the house.

Whatever the reason, it sparked a blog post (at 2:20am), so here I am. I should be sleeping. And I will highly regret my decision to blog instead of sleep in the wee 6am hours of the morning (yeah, in less than 4 hours). But still....here I am.

It's not perfect. You know...this house, this life.

The house has seen better days. Most of them were BEFORE the kids were around. But as I stress over the crumbs on the stove, the clutter in the medicine cabinets, the laundry piling up....I try to remind myself.

We have crumbs on the stove, because we have food to eat...and many in this world do not.

We have clutter in our medicine cabinets because we have access to medications that help make us better....and many in this world do not.

We have piles of laundry, needing to be washed because my husband and I are fortunate enough to have jobs tat provide the means to clothe ourselves and our children....and many in this world do not.

I think "perfect" is a word and lifestyle I often strive for day in and day out. I try to be the "perfect" mom, the "perfect" wife, the "perfect" daughter, the "perfect" employee....but never does it seem like it is enough.

And so many....so many, would be content with just being able to "be" or more so "provide" just enough for their families and children.

So today, and for as long as I can...I am saying "enough is enough"...and I'm gonna try to be okay with that.

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Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com said...

You know, the important thing is that your home is filled with love and comfort. It's fine if there are crumbs -- the only people who're going to see them are the people who you love enough to let inside. But 64 oz of Coke before bedtime? Girl, you're lucky you didn't have to blog about waking up in a puddle!