Monday, September 26, 2011

Member's Mark 4X Probiotics

We have always been a bit of the more natural and homeopathic in our mindset as parents. As Jonah grew older and older, and grew into a baby instead of an infant, and a toddler instead of a baby, and a boy instead of a toddler, we learned many things along the way about what we did and did NOT want going into his little growing and developing body. Lily was lucky, from before she was even born we had plans placed for how we wanted to raise her (our second kid...we're seasoned pro's here!.....or NOT!). But one thing was simple, the doctors could take out whatever they needed (in regards to blood draws) but we were far more picky about what went IN to them is what really matters.

It isn't a secret that our stance on vaccinations in particular doesn't jive with what the majority of American parents believe, but our knowledge and views go beyond that, much further.

One thing I learned along the research highway we follow is the advantages to taking a supplemental Probiotic. We started only giving it to the children whenever they were on an Antibiotic. You probably know that an Antibiotic cannot distinguish between a "good bacteria" and a "bad bacteria" inside of the body, therefore it will kill ALL of the bacteria whenever you are on one. Well, both of my kids would have serious bouts of diarrhea and sometimes even yeast rashes/infections when on Antibiotic. Now some doctors will just tell you that that is a side effect to expect, but in my findings I saw that a good dose of a probiotic (that has to be taken atleast 2 hours prior/after an antibiotic is taken) will help with all of that. And within 24 hours, my kids side effects would be gone.

But you see, I never thought of taking it myself (my body is pretty tolerant to antibiotics, and I am not on them very often anyhow). But I have noticed in the last 10 years or so, I have slowly begun to consider myself lactose intolerant, or at least lactose sensitive. And sure enough, taking probiotics has been shown to help make those lactose tummy troubles not as bad. So when I was given the opportunity to test out the new Member's Mark 4X Probiotic, available at Sam's Club, I decided now is probably as good of time as any to do so.

I started taking them yesterday and will let you know in about 2 weeks if I have seen any difference.

Have you or do you take a probiotic? Why or why not? Have you ever even heard of it before?

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Awesome, Jen. Can't wait to read how this went for you!