Friday, September 2, 2011

The Talbott Hotel American Girl Package ~ an unforgettable experience for both mom and daughter

I know I am not the only parent in the world with more than multiple children, but sometimes, I do feel like the only mom who can't seem to juggle the lifestyle of such; all the while making each kid feel special and unique, amongst the chaos and madness that is our daily lives. With my kids being so close in age, we are often attending events or planning days out around things that they will BOTH enjoy, like the zoo or children's museums. But since I do have one boy and one girl, (and even though they are only two and four), I have already begun to see and realize how special it can be to plan things for them individually.

Last week, I was blessed to get the opportunity to partner with The Talbott Hotel, a prestigious luxury hotel in the Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood in order to experience and help promote their new American Girl Place Packages. Lily and I were treated to an unbelievably gorgeous hotel suite, as well as a number of exciting  treats and surprises included in the "Imagine Package" (the Talbott Hotel offers 3 packages, the Spirit, The Imagine, and The Dream). Included in our package was:

~complimentary continental breakfast (at swank Bice Ristorante)~
~personalized welcome letter~
~milk and two Sprinkles cupcakes at turndown~
~personalized Talbott Hotel stationary and room service menu~
~personalized guest room key card~
~keepsake American Girl doll-sized travel bed~
~6 personalized photo postcards (3 shown here)~
~horse drawn carriage ride to the American Girl Place~
~access to the "girl blog @ The Talbott"~
~one entry into the quarterly drawing for a one night American Girl Place Spirit Package~

The rooms are amazing! We stayed in a One Bedroom King Suite  and it was IMMACULATE. All of the beautiful little touches; for example, the HUGE windows, the gorgeous draperies and linens, the fluffy towels, the amazing spa-like, marble bathroom with separate soaking tub and glass shower, the 42-inch LCD television with COMPLIMENTARY internet, and newspaper at wake-up.

And the staff was divine! The maid came by and closed our drapes and turned down the bed (where Lily quickly found the chocolates she left for us.....)

I'm glad we decided to stay in instead of going out for dinner. We didn't get in to Chicago until 7pm (darn Lake Shore Drive traffic!), so we were able to spend time in our beautiful room, we ordered room service, we watched Bubble Guppies (through the hotel's free internet on the TV), Lily took a bath, and we just spent precious time together. Time for just us, making sweet memories that will last a lifetime, for us both. It's not every day Lily gets treated like a princess, and the staff of the Talbott treated her just like that, just like the little princess that she is.

Lily went to bed in our great big bed, and I indulged in a hot bath, and a movie and a snack in the living room, before joining her. We slept amazingly well and woke up early (as always), enjoyed a fantastic breakfast (see pic above) before enjoying a fun horse drawn carriage ride to the American Girl Place.

Check back next week for a complete blog post on our entire American Girl Place adventure!

I want to personally thank The staff of The Talbott Hotel, each and every one of you made mine and Lily's experience absolutely magical. We were able to create memories to last a lifetime, ones that I will store in my heart for an eternity. I appreciate all of the hard work put in to every detail of our stay, it was all of those little touches that made it so absolutely breathtaking. We will return, and this is going to be an annual trip for us, and yes, we will always, ALWAYS choose to stay at The Talbott Hotel.

full disclosure: I was gifted the American Girl Place Imagine Package to experience with my daughter in exchange for a blog post on my feedback of the experience. Every thing found is this post is true and honest, as is every post found on Mommy Instincts. 

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