Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blue Sky Home Series Review

I am a planner. Well, strike that. I WANT to be a planner. I try really hard to be organized and scheduled and on time. But, I'm not. So, I do my best, and I try out lots of new organizers and planning tools and app's trying to find the perfect fit.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the new Blue Sky Homes Series, a collection of organizational tools to help frazzled mom's like me "try their best" to keep on track and get it together. And since I am an old-fashioned kinda gal, who loves paper and pen's far beyond any of those new digital task gizmo thing-a-ma-gig's, Blue Sky was naturally a pretty good fit.

The planner I tried out was great. It had a lot of features I really feel are important. Like the strong monthly labeled tabs, the monthly AND the weekly sections, and even the DO ~ CALL ~ BUY pages, which I really love.

I use the monthly sections to write out all of our monthly bills on the days they are due and then use the weekly sections for all our tasks and chores and appointments.

The DO ~ CALL ~ BUY pages are great too, giving me a place to jot down additional notes, especially any random items I may need to buy at the grocery store outside of my regular, weekly shopping trips. The only negative to this planner is that it is BIG, but sometimes that is a trade-off necessary to get all of the features I feel I need in a planner.

And speaking of shopping trips, I was also sent a magnetic shopping list pad, that I keep on my fridge, where I can quickly compile my list throughout the day, every day. It's even organized by types of foods/sections of the store. What I don't like about the grocery pad is it only allows 5 lines for each section, and many times I am needing way more than 5 things in many of the sections. I think this item could use a little bit of editing to make it more efficient.

I also tried out the Door Notes, which I can honestly say have been miraculous. Because if you know me, you would know I am often leaving myself notes, so I don't forget things when I am rushing out of the house in the morning. I keep this on the door leading to our garage for that purpose exactly!

Lastly, I was also sent the multi-task mousepad, which has been great too. I must admit, I don't use it the way it was intended, but I do use it as a general notepad, jotting down phone numbers or addresses that I need to take along with me in my pocket or purse. The paper is thick and strong, so it really does double well as a mousepad, and it's nice having paper handy at all times.

The Blue Sky Home Series Collection, featuring Suzy Jack* Contemporary Paper is available at Target (and on the Blue Sky website) through the end of the month, and the best part is, all of these products are under $10, fitting into just about any mom's family budget!

The Blue Sky Home Series Suzy Jack* Collection is only available at Target through September, as well as online so get your school year started off right and pick up some of them before they are gone!
full disclosure: I was sent a Blue Sky Home Series collection to try out in exchange for my truthful and honest opinion posted here, on Mommy Instincts. As always, all opinions are my own.

Full disclosure: I was sent a Blue Sky Home Series Collection to try out in exchange for a blog post of my experience and thoughts on the product. All opinions and thoughts expressed on Mommy Instincts are 100% my very own.

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