Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small Style ~ The Dirtier the Better

Tank ~ Old Navy
Biker Shorts ~ Kmart
Necklace ~ Inspired by Finn
Sandals ~ Arizona Lil' Emily at JC Penney

For Lily, more often than not, the dirtier she is, the happier she is. This was taken on the fourth of july, I believe her 3rd outfit (but not the last!) outfit of the day. I got tired of chasing her around my in-law's backyard, so when she started playing in the dirt and rocks I went ahead and let her do it, since it was a stationary activity and it gave me a bit of a break. Needless to say, shortly after this picture was shot, she got changed into yet another outfit....that I will save for another day.

{I linked up my very first but hopefully not very last Small Style post over on Mama loves Papa today. Check it out for more cutesy outfits on more cutesy kids}

full disclosure : this is NOT a paid post.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I can not believe how big she has gotten!!!


ingrid said...

She is a cutie. My mother always used to say that dirt was the sign of a good time which must mean that my kids are always having a ball!