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RedRover: Non-Stop Fun...Non-Stop

With two toddlers, I am a busy mama. Whether I am taking the kids to their weekly library story times, meeting friends at the park for play dates, or attending my 4 year old's twice a week karate classes, I am always on the run. But being on the run doesn't mean I have to miss out on planning my days (with or without the kids) and planning our play times (with or without fellow mama's and their kiddos).

I was recently introduced to a new app available for my iPhone (don't worry Android users, there is a download available for you too), called RedRover. And being the avid iPhone lover I am (and passionate about all things organizational), I knew I had to give it a try. RedRover is a little bit of planning,  a little bit of reviewing, and a little bit of action, all rolled into one. Here, let me show you.

I have been wanting to meet my fellow mama friends up at a local park for awhile now, but with our crazy busy schedules, it's hard to plan a time when we can all make it there. I have found, by using RedRover to pre-plan our outings, it gives all my friends (that I have linked to MY RedRover account, making it totally private, except to those you personally add to your friends list) a heads up on where I may be. They can see when and where I plan on visiting (park, zoo, beach, library, etc...) and if they want to meet up with me and the kids, then they can. It's as simple as that.

Of course, we can get more organized about it, a pre-planned birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and girls night out's on there too. Oooo, a Girls Night Out!

I really love the comment section on the "Hang's", because if I plan a zoo trip a few days out, my friends can let me know if they are planning on meeting up with us. Or if we are planning a Ladies Night, we can all chat about what times work best and where we'd like to go.

RedRover is location based, so you can scout out the restaurants, parks, and other fun locations nearby, whether you are familiar with where you are, or are traveling out of town.

But my FAVORITE feature of RedRover has got to be the "review" portions, where you can read other user's "2 cents" and how "kid friendly" the locations are. I have added plenty of my own input into locations we frequent and that are nearby; so other mom's will know about the "awesome play table, complete with coloring books, puzzles, and games" at a cafe across the street, or the fact that "this pizza place doesn't have a changing table! YIKES!". We can also discover new places to visit and meet new people, because of these reviews. Those kinds of things are important when planning a meal out or a play date, I am so happy RedRover was really on top of that when they created this app!

Not only is all of this information available at your mobile fingertips; but RedRover is also available on the web. So no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can check in to see what other mom's are up to and update your current (or future) status. I probably don't need to mention it, but the web and the mobile app are linked, so once signed in on either one, you can edit, update, or schedule events, and it will automatically update it on the other device. Genius, I tell you. Genius.

RedRover from RedRover on Vimeo.

My Top 5 Favorite Places to RedRover

And as if the app weren't cool enough for you to download right now, there is a little added mission that you can help accomplish, simply by downloading RedRover, for FREE!

For every new download of the RedRover app by July 26, 2011, they will be donating $1.00 (up to $20,000.00) to Every Mother Counts, an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal and child health.  Please visit their website to learn more about the organization and how you can help further.

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Visit the Every Mother Counts website
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Full Disclosure : This review is part of a paid campaign. Even though I was compensated for my time, energy, and thorough review of the RedRover App, you can be certain I provided an honest and unbiased post for you, the Mommy Instincts reader.

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