Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Car Seat Safety

Safety is a big issue around here, even more so when it involves traveling. Since our safety while on the road depends partially on my own driving decisions, it also depends on the decisions of my fellow drivers, and I'll be honest with you, I don't trust them ONE BIT. I try to do my part to drive safely, whether my kids are in the car or not. I follow the rules and regulations of the road, but even doing that won't always keep all of the riders (young and old) safe in my car.

Car seats are such a big deal too. Much bigger deal than I could have ever imagined before I had kids. I figured you buy any old seat and there you have it! I was so wrong.

"Safety Mistakes You May Be Making" is a recent article I found on the Parenting.com website. I, like many other parents thought, "There is no way I could be doing anything WRONG when it comes to MY child's car seat safety". And I, also like many other parents, found a few things on that list I WAS doing wrong.

Here is a quick summary (be sure to read the entire article for more details about "fixing" these mistakes that you may be making):

Mistake #1: Picking the wrong seat for your child's age, height, or weight
Mistake #2: Not installing your car seat correctly
Mistake #3: Not getting professional help
Mistake #4: Fitting the harness incorrectly
Mistake #5: Facing your child forward too soon
Mistake #6: Not using the tether
Mistake #7: Getting rid of the booster too early
Mistake #8: Parents not wearing their seat belts
Mistake #9: Not traveling with your car seat
Mistake #10: Not using the car seat every time
Mistake #11: Letting kids sit in the front seat too soon

Which mistakes have you made in the past or are making right now?

The article makes a point to say that it isn't the price tag on a car seat that keeps your child safe, it is important to make sure the seat is perfect for your child. Come back tomorrow and I will share with you one of my FAVORITE car seats on the market right now. I LOVE it and I know you will too!

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