Wednesday, February 23, 2011

time flies

As an update to my last post, Let Her Go, I have been attempting to keep up my end of the deal by allowing Lily to put herself to sleep. Today, I even moved out the rocking chair that I normally sit in while waiting for her to fall asleep, forcing me to either sit on the floor (which i totally will do), or leave the room. I must admit, it is getting easier to do, and she is fairly good at doing it and most of the time, doesn't mind going to sleep alone. Although, she is sneaky, and if I don't keep a good ear open to any interesting noises that may be coming from her room, she will tend to get up and play with her toys. I allow it for a few minutes, then go in, put her back in bed and tell her "its time to sleep not time to play", and sometimes even sing her another song. She doesn't abuse it and ask for more songs or books of kisses (like her older brother does), so again, this is probably more for me than it is for her.

She is so independent. I can only imagine her first day of preschool. She will go in to that classroom, and never look back.

Her in dependancy is such a change for me, since Jonah is such the opposite.

Jonah and I spent some time at the prospective preschool he will be attending starting, uh, NEXT WEEK! I am lucky enough to have some really awesome people in our lives that are as gracious and helpful as they are, because we can't afford to send Jonah to preschool right now, but boy, he is SO ready, so they are helping with the expenses for the remainder of the school year. We sat through pretty much the entire 2.5 hours he would be going to school yesterday, and he seriously could not have loved it any more! The school is nearly perfect for him right now. They don't place too many strict rules or stipulations on him. He isn't forced to sit or do any activity he doesn't want to do and he is free to roam the room and play and learn wherever he wants to until the last 30 minutes of the class, where they have snack as a whole, read some books and sing some songs. The songs were certainly his favorite part! I am pretty sure I have a future Bruno Mars or Michael Buble on my hands because this kid LOVES music.

So, starting next week he will attend regularly, and I am torn. How is he old enough for SCHOOL?!?

Just like I was with Lily and her sleeping alone, I'm sure this is harder on me than it is him. But geez, who said these kids could grow up so fast!? I'm not prepared for this.

Oh, did I mention, Lily will be TWO YEARS OLD in seven days?!

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Toni said...

I sort of felt the same way when Jacob first started preschool. It was bittersweet really - because I hated for him to be "old enough" though, I welcomed the "quiet" time and was excited to see him learn from someone other than myself.

It'll get easier, and then something else will come up. It's just that way with life. Try not to stress and enjoy it while you can...the time only seems to "fly" faster as the years go by. I'm serious.