Thursday, January 13, 2011

Regarding that "Gap"

So our internet is finally up and running. Phew. Let's just say I am unsure if switching providers was the right thing to do in order to save money, but it's done and over with and the internet *is* faster......

And after the initial shock and anger of having to go 5 days (which turned in to TEN days!) without the internet, I didn't really miss it all that much. A few times a day I would get frustrated because I couldn't print something or I couldn't see our bank account on a NON-mobile site. But I was able to get a few things done at work on our computer there, and I even discovered that I can pay bills on my IPHONE, so that was helpful.

I also felt less stressed, believe it or not. Yes. I did start a new anti-anxiety medicine last week, so maybe that helped, but really, I didn't feel rushed or stressed or guilty for not posting to my blog, because there was nothing I could do about it. And the only project I had "due" was an email project, so I was able to easily complete that on my iPhone, too.

We've had the internet back now for a few days and I didn't feel a huge urge to immediately post "something" to fill the space. And I certainly am in no mood to apologize. Because I don't really feel like I need to "apologize" for anything.

I've been spending more time with my kids and my husband. My house is cleaner. I am happier.

This by no means means that I am dropping my blog. Oh no, no, no. But you know what? This is MY blog. So I am going to approach it on MY terms. And not feel guilty if I post daily, weekly, or monthly at that.

I'd love to be brilliant and graceful and write really poignant things that make people ooh and ahh and really think and ponder, but it's not me. At least not most of the time. I don't use big words a lot and I don't need nor do I want to impress anyone all that much. I am me. I will do this as I wish, on my own time, in my own basic and boring words.

So instead of sitting here, I am going to go fold laundry and watch some trashy TV. I'll see you soon.

Or not so soon. Whatever.


Steve Finnell said...

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Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Good for you! Breaks from the net are usually good for us.

talesfromthehood said...

Completely understand you. Completely.

Hope you're doing well!!

Sherry said...

When I called hoping to eliminate our land line and just go with internet, I backed out when they said they'd need to shut down the internet for about 2 days before the tech came. LOL. Well, in my case my job is online, so I can't be without it. I could have went over to the library those two days, but yeah. I did get a reduced price in our bill, saving us about $50 a month, so that was great. :) I'm glad you found something cheaper.