Monday, January 3, 2011


Major apologies to you all (and I really do HATE to apologize), but I had vowed to be a better, more frequent blogger as of 1-1-11, but hubs was in charge of finding a less expensive alternative to our Comcast Internet. Ad he did. Yay!

But what he didn't tell me was there would be a gap in service, so as our Comcast internet was disconnected on Friday 12-31-10, we are Internet-less until Wed 1-5-11. Thank goodness I have this sliver of connection through my iPhone, but it makes blogging really complicated.

But, I have some big plans in the wings for this here space in the Internet world, I just have to wait a few days until I can get them to you!

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Michelle said...

Ok, so you have internet as of yesterday. Who did you find that was cheaper, and what do you think of them? I'm ... not a Comcast fan :)