Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grace Anouncements ~ a little piece of pretty

Being a blogger one of the most important real life tools you can have is a business card. Sure, some of us don't really conduct "business" and some of us do, but the best way to give people your info, for whatever reason it might be is certainly a handy (and CUTE!) business card.

And on your card you should have information such as your REAL name, you blog name, twitter and facebook (if it applies) and most importantly, an email address! Now, on my cards, I don't advertise my personal information, such as address and phone number, but some people do, and  that's okay, too. That's the beauty of blogging and social networking, you can do whatever feels best for YOU!

I recently got a chance to receive some business cards from Lindsay Brewda, designer pro over at Grace Announcements and I must say, I fell in love with them the moment I saw them!

Aren't they cute? I simply ADORE them. Lindsay was able to pull the image from my blog header and use a similar font and complimenting color. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

And you can find so much more than business cards at Grace Announcements!

there are adorable birth announcements

fun and festive holiday cards

and even colorful placemats

I really love the time and effort that are obviously put into these cards and personalized items. Lindsay really puts the customers ideas first and foremost when it comes to custom work, but also has an eye for unique and innovative stationary pieces that any mom would love to put her kids pictures on!

It's not too late to get fancy holiday cards, even with Christmas only a mere 18 days away! Grace Announcements offers a "Do It Digital" package where you can get a customized card made just for you, and digitally send it to friends and family. As Lindsay says on her site, "it cuts down on both of the carbon footprints" (of hers and yours). Imagine the money you'd save on stamps as well as not having to lick far too many yucky envelopes!

Be sure to check out Grace Announcements, you will love what you find!

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