Friday, October 29, 2010

Sharing Shutterfly

Every year I tell my self Christmas Cards are a waste and we don't have the extra expenses to put toward buying the cards and buying the stamps and goodness, will I even have the time to address them and sign them and send them, all before the "Big Day"? And really, don't people care if I send them a card with a picture of my kids?

Then the holidays start to get closer and closer and closer, and I start to get Christmas cards from friends an family, and I start to set them out in a collection somewhere in the living room (we have found a variety of ways to display them ~ in a basket on the dining room table, along the mantel, or hanging from a string by clothespins so each and every one has it's own space and place). I enjoy reading about what the family's have been up to or what joy's they are celebrating or see just how much the kids have grown. And I remember the warm fuzziness of Christmas and feel guilty that all of these people have taken the time to send me a card and I scramble to get our card's together. And then shortly after the cards go out, I start to get emails and messages and phone calls from family and friends, telling me how happy they are to see how the kids are growing and that our family is doing well. And it's worth the last minute scramble to get them together.

But you know who has decided to make it like a million times easier on me?


The holiday cards over at Shutterfly are so cute! I browsed them a number of times, trying to pick out my favorite and am having such a hard time narrowing it down to my few favorites. I DO know I love the flat stationary cards, because they are simple and clean looking. I also love the styles that allow me to add a variety of pictures, because I have SO MANY pictures of our family that I love, there is no way I cold pick just one to add to a card. The Just Merry Christmas Card is adorable and fun, and so is the Merry Bright Wishes Christmas Card. Then there are the more elegant and sophisticated choices; like Candy Boxes or Classic Red Square. Really, I CANNOT pick! If you wanna be really awesome readers, why don't you help me pick! Leave me a comment telling me which Christmas Cards are your favorite!

The other thing I love that Shutterfly offers is their wall calendars! Last year I made one for my parents and my husband's parents, all with pictures of the kids added for each month. They LOVED them and made for really meaningful gifts that last all year long. And parents are hard to shop for, right? This makes it easy!

So check out Shutterfly! They have amazing selections available at amazing prices!

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