Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Discount School Supply

With homeschooling my preschooler is a top priority right now, I have done tons and tons of research on homeschooling products, websites, curriculum's, stores, support groups, experts, books, yeah, you get the picture. I spent my entire summer prepping our schooling area, and ordering books and products that I knew I would need to make this new adventure of ours successful.

I chose homeschooling for a few reasons.

One: Jonah wasn't potty-trained mid-summer. Even though I have enrolled him in an amazing preschool way back in March, I knew when it came time to pay the first month's tuition, he was no where near being ready to start potty-training, and if you know me, I don't want to push my kids to do something they aren't ready for.

Two: As a side not to potty-training, I know Jonah pretty well. And I know that if I were to try and push the potty-training thing, he would push back, with ten times the force. He would have a major melt-down and hold a grudge against that potty for months and months to come. And that's not the only area he uses that approach with. He too, will shut down when faced with something he doesn't feel prepared for. If he has any fear within him that he may fail, he won't even try. We have attempted a number of parenting tactic and have rested on allowing him to do whatever it is we want him to do when he is good and ready. Well, I did fear that with Jonah's personality, nature, and temperament, a traditional preschool setting may not be the best thing for him. I believe he need something a little more gentle, relaxing and familiar.

Three: Along with that, Jonah is a very hands-on kind of kid. He likes to make things and create things, and I have found, this is how I get him to learn. Through projects, crafts, and visual tools.

Truthfully, I knew that the potty-training ordeal was just that, an ordeal, so I took it with stride, but also knew I wanted to be sure he didn't fall behind right from the start. He is a bright kid, so keeping his education at the forefront of our daily life is easy, escpecially since we use so many tools around the house for him to learn.

Like I said, I looked through many, many, many websites looking for the tools I would need for our home school. My FAVORITE school supply site is Discount School Supply for a number of reasons.

1. Well, it's right there in the name. DISCOUNT. You can find great products from Arts & Crafts to Furniture to Curriculum Supplements (and alot more) at really great prices with a huge selection to choose from.
2. Everything I wanted to get started was right there on the site. The Colorations Large Crayons for Lily and the Colorations Regular Crayons for Jonah; the Manila Paper for coloring and the Red Baseline Newsprint and the Jumbo Colorations Primary Pencils for writing, and the list goes on.

3. Aside from the basic supplies, you can also find the foam letters and stickers that can be used for crafts, but also encompass the educational aspect of having fun with stickers as well. My kids LOVE playing with stickers, so this is the perfect way to bring some homeschooling into their everyday lives.
4. And paints! Goodness, do my kids love painting. So when I saw the Colorations Fun Finger Paint Kit I knew my kids would be in love. So many imaginative options and creative ideas flowed from Jonah when he got to playing with this. And since we have received this kit you can find us using it on a weekly basis for one project or another.

Discount School Supply is always running a variety of sales and ALWAYS has amazing prices. If you are in need of homeschool supplies, craft supplies, or even just rainy day entertain the kids supplies, be sure to check them out!

Full Disclosure: Discount School Supply sent me a variety of products to try out with my kids. Regardless of compensation or product gifting, you will always find my reviews trustworthy, honest, and straightforward. If you have any questions regarding this post, please contact me directly at mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net.

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