Friday, October 8, 2010

The Breath's of Rejection

How is it that I can feel like a a weight has been lifted off of my chest, while at the same time I feel like I am struggling to breath?

Todd didn't get the Denver job.

He also didn't get the job he interviewed for in Kansas City (that would include us still living here, but him being gone....a lot).

I can't stand how this position is making my husband feel. I know he feels defeated and like he failed us. And I don't think I can say anything to make it better. I try. I do try. It's just hard.

And I don't know why we were so sure that this was "IT", but we were. And even though our emotions were wrapped around this opportunity in a tangle of good AND bad, I think we both REALLY wanted this. We felt like it was time. We have been struggling for all too long. And it's tough.

But we get by. And we have the support of our families and friends and that's what counts. We have our kids who are our world. And we have each other.

It's just rejection is hard.

Soon, we will pick back up, dust ourselves off, and all the while we will trudge on and on and on until the next opportunity comes along.

Breath in.....Breath out.....Breath in....Breath out.

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