Monday, August 2, 2010

BlogHer10 ~ it IS about the shoes

And I have to say this, because it HAS to be said (prepare for wild tangent on fashion, style, and mom's)....

It is PERFECTLY fine to stress over what you are wearing, or over what shoes you have, or about getting mani's/pedi's or getting your hair done, or buying a new outfit, or spending $$ on YOURSELF, or spending TIME on yourself! Do it! You deserve it! And if you want to tweet about your shoes and clothes and hair, DO IT! Don't listen to those people out there who are giving other's hell for stressing about these things. Because I completely understand WHY you (and I!) are proud/happy/stressed about it. Because the other 360-some days of the year, while we are wiping noses, wiping butts, gets thrown up on/peed on/pooped on, buying clothes for our kids, getting our kids haircuts, cooking dinner, watching Thomas for the 13,000th time, staying up all night with sick kids, driving our kids to practice/friends houses/school, while we are sleeping in a bed where the sheets haven't been changed in a month, pulling weeds, painting fences, cutting our own bangs, paying a babysitter so we can just go to the grocery store in peace.......(and so on), it's never about us. The Mom.


We deserve to put the energy into shopping for the perfect outfit for the #marthablogger party. We deserve to go get our hair cut by a professional. We deserve to get manicures and pedicures in hopes the nail tech can save our feet from the torture we have put them through for the past year. We deserve to blog/tweet/chat/scream from the rooftops about our new shoes, old shoes....whatever shoes. And if we want to dress up, even if some people think we shouldn't. Then by all means Mama, you do it!

As for me. I bought a few new outfits. New shoes. Jewelry. My mani/pedi appointment is in the morning. I spent more money than I should have on all of this. But I deserve it. And I deserve to tell the world about.

And on Sunday morning, I will return home, to a house that'll need cleaning, kids and a husband that will have missed me to their very core, and my everyday attire of yoga pants and tank tops.

But from Thursday morning until I step foot inside my front door when it is all said and done. I will spoil myself. Because I deserve it.

And damnit, you do too.

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