Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crafty Kids: Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

I have the kids enrolled in a local educational program called Parents as Teachers; a program designed for children from birth all the way up until they go to kindergarten. Its really great, the kids love the class time and particularly, their teacher, Ms. Kathy. Aside from going over generally educational and developmental milestones, like colors and shapes and fine motor skills, I single-handedly give her credit for helping get Jonah to start talking (and getting me to recognize how to help him with that). The best part is, whenever I am that one of the kids is doing something out of the norm, she assures me it's not, and that is a real relief for a me, a mama who never even changed a diaper before her first baby. She also is a tremendous support to me and helps me be the best mother to my children that I can be. She has a plethora of amazing advice and knowledge, and shares it with me in a loving and caring way. She is very sweet, and helps me realize where in my parenting I need some help, or a little push, and is supportive in helping me achieve various goals I set for myself. She has taught me so much more about parenting my children and I am a far better mother, and person for knowing her.

At our last visit, Ms Kathy did a craft with Jonah. At our previous visit, I had asked her if she knew of any age appropriate projects I could do with him that went a little further than coloring. So she showed us how to make these coffee filter flowers. They are so cute! So I went a few steps further, and added a few extra special touches, to make a specials Valentine's Day flower bouquet for some very special people.


Supplies Needed:

15 plain white coffee filters
3 small eye droppers
3 small containers filled approx. ½ way with water
Food coloring
Plastic sheet/garbage bag (or something to protect your counter/table from dyed water)
6-7 green pipe cleaners
Green construction paper or cardstock
Small piece of pink cardstock/craft foam (approx 1”x1”)
3” long piece of coordinating ribbon
Something to make a nametag out of with ribbon attached (I used a 1”x2” piece of craft foam)
Craft glue
Lightly scented perfume/spray

1. Add 5-6 drops of food coloring to each cup of water. I like to use red, blue, and yellow, so we can also learn about “mixing” colors to make green, purple, and orange.
2. Separate coffee filters into stacks of 3.
3. Drop colored water all over the coffee filters. Make sure the entire filter is covered, even flip over to make sure it goes through all the way. If it doesn’t, drop colored watered on that side too.
4. Separate all the filters and lay out to dry. I used cooling racks to help speed up the drying process.
5. Once they are all dry, put them back together in set of 3.
6. Pinch the middle of the filters and squeeze/twist together like a cone.
7. Wrap one end of a green pipe cleaner around the pinched part, wrapping about 5-6 time to make sure it won’t fall off.
8. Then peel apart the layers, scrunching and turning to “create” the flower, but still holding onto the pinched middle part.

9. Cut out green leaves from the green cardstock/construction paper, and glue to the undersides of the flowers.
10. Attach all flower stems together, by wrapping one green pipe cleaner around all of the stems.
11. Tie a pretty bow around the stems, attach the nametag with a cute message written on it.
12. Cut the 1”x1” pink foam into a small heart and glue on the middle of the large ribbon.
13. Spray with a pretty smelling perfume.

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