Friday, February 5, 2010

iResq rescued me.....and my iPhone.


And that was just how my brain felt when my iPhone hit the hardwood floor at just the right angle that created the scariest sight to be seen by an iPhone lover of my caliber. Okay, I wasn’t THAT traumatized, but I was slightly scared as to what the next steps were going to be to fix the now shattered glass of the iPhone screen. Not to mention, how much it would cost!


I got on the trusty Twitter and sounded off regarding my dilemma. A few people responded, telling me about a few companies that I could send my phone in to for a repair.

Send MY phone, off to a strange person, who may NEVER send it back? How can I ever trust such a company? They will totally steal my information! And probably take like 2 weeks to fix it. I can’t live that long!

I was reassured (by my Mac-loving-professional-computer-buddy @thecreative and his super cool wife, @heyfreckles) that iResq was the company to go with. They are a certified Apple repair company, and they fully trust them.

So, I held my breath, navigated myself through the easy to use and totally informative website, and within a few minutes, had my order complete, my shipping method specified (UPS overnight both ways) paid for, and a UPS shipping label printed and ready to go. I packed up the phone, and shipped it out Monday afternoon, about 1pm CST.

I then ranted on Twitter about how I sent my phone off to the distant lands of iResq to get fixed. Shortly afterwards, I got a message back on Twitter from Brian with @iResq! He asked me for my order number so he could check in on the order, and thanked me for choosing iResq. I thought that was really amazing of them, to go the extra mile to thank me like that. He certainly did not have to do that, but it was truly appreciated.

I waited impatiently through Tuesday, assuming I had gotten my package to UPS too late, and that it probably didn’t even go out until then. And how is anyone ever really supposed to know what OVERNIGHT means in their book. I was sure I wouldn’t get my phone back for a week or so.

But guess what? Later on Tuesday, I got a shipping notification from UPS, saying a package was on its way from iResq! Could you believe it? They got my phone, fixed it, and mailed it back to me in what was a matter of HOURS!

Wednesday morning came, I checked the UPS shipping notification again, and I saw, it was out for delivery! I got my phone back in a little over 48 hours, good as new, packed in a very special box, made just for an iPhone, with information from iResq regarding their 90 day warranty, as well as a few business cards, to hand out to friends! Which I will gladly do since I was so overly pleased with every aspect of the service I received from them!

Aside from the ever popular iPhone, iResq also repairs, iPods, Apple Desktops, Apple Notebooks, and PSP's! And if for some reason, your gadget is acting up and you don't know why (mental note: check on sending in goofy iPod that hates me and stopped working a long time ago! Would love to see if it is fixable!), they can run a full FREE diagnostics on your techy thing (can you tell I am not really good with computer-y stuff?!) and tell you whats wrong, before you have to shell out the cash to get it fixed. They can even give you a quote, so you aren't blind-sided when it comes time to repair. If you choose for iResq to repair it, you say the word, they fix it up and get it back out to you in a flash. If the repair would cost more than a new 'puter (or phone or gaming system), they can ship it back to you at no charge, OR recycle it for you. Take your pick!

Thanks iResq, you really saved the day…..and my phone!

Disclaimer: I chose to send my phone in to iResq solely on my own decision making abilities. I paid for the services and the shipping out of my own pocket. iResq contacted me, after the fact, asking if I would be interested to write about my experiences with their service and their company. I gladly agreed since I was OVER THE TOP pleased with them, from beginning to end.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! So glad that iResq worked out for you. It is a scary thing sending your precious device off to strangers.

I really believe company's like iResq who pride themselves on quality service, delivering a true Wow factor will be around for a long time. The icing on the cake is when they are listening on Twitter and respond. Business's like this will have customers for a long time.

Now if only I could be an iResq affiliate.