Monday, October 12, 2009

Some days.....

Some days are tough.

They start out tough. Or sometimes they gradually becoming tough. Sometimes it's a "right-before-bed-and-it-all-goes-to-pot" tough.

Today I am cranky. And moody. And irritable. And being a woman of child bearing age, you can all guess why.

And I hate feeling like this.

The day could be so much more. EACH day could be so much more. But today, I let it get to me.

So as I continue to contemplate whether I want to go through all the work it will take in order to pack up the kids, drop Lily off at my mom's, and take Jonah to Chicago for a fun Mommy-Son Day, I want to remember this....

"There will come a day where hanging out with Mom is fun and cool. There will come a day when I will have to struggle for him to let me hug him, and let me play Beatle Rockband with him, or even let me be seen dropping him off at school."

So as I grump-ify my way around tonight, thinking that bedtime won't come soon enough. I am going to go get everything ready for tomorrow's adventure. Even if it means stuggling to not go insane with his every question, every demand. Because our days are numbered regarding this precious bond we have, because it just won't always be like this.

I am going to savor these moments, these adventures, these journeys.....

Because some days are tough, but only because I let them be.

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