Saturday, October 10, 2009



My eyes blink in so many ways, filled with so many emotions and feelings and moments.

Oh, those moments.

Moments that are happy. Moments that are sad. Moments that are exciting. Moments that are overwhelming. Moments that are precious. Moments that are joyful. Moments that are internal. Moments that are real. Moments that are funny. Moments that are the same moments.....


Yet, feel so new again with each and every blink.

Blinks that are fast.....
Blinks that are slow....

With each blink, I feel each of these then blink again and feel it again.

Then the last blink of the day. And I get to start it all over again the next day.

With another blink.


Anonymous said...

Amazing post Jen. Sometimes I wish the blinking would stop and I could take in some moments a bit longer. I keep telling Jonny to slow down and stop getting bigger, but he doesn't listen.

Nell said...

You just knocked my socks off with this post. Oh how I can relate to each word.