Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sunshine...My Sunshine

*image found on flickr*

The sunshine makes such a difference in my mood, do you find that to be true as well?
Today, in northwest indiana, we are sitting at a breezy 63 degrees. Yes, on Feb 10, 2009 the thermometor reads 63 degrees. Unfortunately, the wind makes it tough to stay outside too long, and the mucky, wet mess all the hundreds of feet the snow left behind makes it a bit messy. But all in all, the boy and I went for a short walk this morning, climbing the dirty snow hills left at the sides of everyones driveways. We had a few minutes of fun before the wind picked up, forcing him to nuzzle his cute little face into my shoulder in order to stay warm. Me on the other hand, I have no problem letting the breeze blow on my face since I am always about 15 degrees hotter than the rest of the world. I tell you, I sleep with the fan on while my husband shivers under a down comforter and 3 layers of clothing. Ah, the joys of being pregnant, right?
Right now, as I type, my little guy has accidentally pushed some button on the remote that turned the TV off. Best part is he didn't mind, and is now playing quietly and entertaining himself. These are the moments I treasure quite a lot, for my own selfish sake really. Because I know, before too long, the noise in this house will begin to reach decibels that no mother of ONE child has ever heard. I mean, I am not anticipating all screaming all the time, I just know that taking naps when my son does won't be near as common. Or enjoying these quiet times, will not be so often.
And this boy of mine...the one I fall in love with with every second of the day, melts my heart in a way I never knew was possible. And even in those crazy times...the times all I want to do is pull my hair out and scream at the top of my lungs, he is still my boy, my reason for living and breathing and just plain being.....he is my everything....he is my sunshine.

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