Monday, February 2, 2009

I Wanna Win a Flip!

Okay, so I know I HAD a Flip, and I talked about it and I even posted the cutest video of Jonah and his Taba Naba Dance. Well, the sad part was, I had to return it, and I had all intentions of keeping it, using it, and taking tons of videos of Jonah and new baby Lily to spread all over the internet and mainly, so family members all across the country could see the kids in their amazingly cute glory!

Well, the car seat we had for Jonah just wasn't suitable for Lily, frankly it was too big and heavy and we were just in need of a better one. So instead of buying normal Graco, we decided that buying the top of line, best and safest car seat according the Consumer Reports was more important than me having a video camera. So the Flip had to go back, and we got the more expensive car seat, because ultimately, that is what matters more than anything else, her safety.

I really want to keep with the vlogging, because it was fun and gave my readers and family members more ways to see Jonah (and soon to be Lily!!!), instead of just reading or looking at a few boring pictures. And I can already say I know how to work a Flip (even though anyone could figure out how to use it, it is SO EASY TO USE!!). Not to mention, it forces me to put on some makeup and do my hair, and that is just better for society in and of itself! LOL

Luckily, Crafty Mama of 4 is hosting a giveaway for a Flip Video camera, so I am really hoping to win! I have entered a million giveaways for a Flip, maybe this will be my lucky day!!


Damselfly said...

I hope you win!

Anonymous said...

When did you vlog??? Where are they???

craftymamaof4 said...

Thank you for entering my contest :)