Sunday, February 22, 2009

On Her Way (part2)...

38 weeks and 4 days pregnant
2cm+ dialated

So, I'm still pregnant. No real, true signs of labor. Well, I still get the shooting pains and I can feel various body parts of Lily's moving around like crazy in my belly. I am getting impatient to tell you the truth. I mean, i know, i know...I am not even to "term", but with all the excitement of the dr believing it was going to be "soon" sort of got my hopes up. Not to mention that the dr is going out of town on Tuesday until Sunday, so I am pretty anxious to get this done before he leaves. I am in no mood to have some other dr deliver my baby, but I know, in the end, whatever happens happens and is meant to be. Truthfully, I feel that the dr's role in my labor and delivery are quite minimal in contrast to the entire pregnancy process I have been through. But he delivered Jonah, and everything went really good. So my comfort level with him is amazing, I have never met the dr that is covering for him over the week, and the weekend dr that is covering for him, I have met, and I REALLY don't like him. I mean really, really don't like him.

I do have an appointment with my dr tomorrow, I am hoping something miraculous happens and I go even before then, or he feels a reason to induce me. I know I shouldn't hope for this, but this has been tough, and I am so ready for it to be over.

More later...