Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sharing My Instincts

I recently branched out and created myself another new place in the blogosphere. It is a review blog called Sharing My Instincts. I decided I wanted to move most of my review posts over there for a few reasons.

I started reviewing a few items here and there here on my personal blog. It was fun and I really enjoyed spreading the word about products and companies that I really loved. In my opinion, I am far more likely to purchase something that a REAL PERSON has had hands on experiences with, much more than wanting something and buying it due to a print ad or a commercial. This is the way to get tried and true opinions, instead of a fun colorful picture or "testimonials" from people that are getting paid to say nice things about a company or product. But the thing is, once I started writing about things I loved, companies wanted to send me things for review. I enjoyed this aspect, I mean who wouldn't? But it got out of hand, and it seemed all of my posts on my "once" personal blog were getting buried by all of the review posts. So I decided to make Sharing My Instincts.

I would be ever so grateful if you placed my button on your site if you don't mind doing me that small favor. And in the future, you may even be able to get some extra credit on the giveaways/contests I run on Sharing My Instincts, simply by having this button on your site. It's a simple as that. Just click on the button to the right, and you'll find the button with it's friendly textbox on the Sharing My Instincts site. Just add that code to wherever you want to add my button!

I will be promoting all reviews and contests here on Mommy Instincts, but it might be a good idea to follow my feed over there (HERE TOO!), so you don't miss out on anything!

Hope to see you over there!

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